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The Vergecast 145: Chromebooks, SXSW, Tesla, and the future of TV

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Dutch teens who solve crimes

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This week's episode is a whirlwind of news, thoughts, and feelings. Dieter Bohn regales us with his final assessment SXSW, Nilay Patel cannot get over the size of an Acer Chromebook, Ross Miller believes in a future of cord cutting, and for the first time ever, Helen Havlak is in the hype chair to keep things in hype check. Plus, our hosts map out the pilot of a new Dutch children's mystery show.

Where's the video feed? Sorry, for the time being we're focusing on just making a great audio podcast. We'll still do live video for the recording and we'll make the call on the video feed later, but for now please subscribe to the audio podcast. But if you want to watch the video replay, you can check it out below.