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Muji's amazing body-fit cushions are coming to the US, and you should buy one

Muji's amazing body-fit cushions are coming to the US, and you should buy one


The best $190 you'll ever spend

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You may think $190 is an excessive price for something that appears to be a beanbag, but I am here to tell you that it is not. Muji's body-fit cushions are, let's say, the third most wonderful thing the venerable Japanese lifestyle retailer has ever bestowed upon the world (after Naoto Fukasawa's iconic wall-mounted CD player and gorgeous rice cooker), but for some reason they were never available in the US. That all changes this April.

The body-fit cushion was one of my absolute favorite possessions

The body-fit sofa, as it's called here in Japan (presumably since you're far less likely to own an actual sofa), was one of my absolute favorite possessions until I threw mine out when moving apartment about six months ago. It had lost its shape a bit over four or five years, and although at one point Muji ran a promotion where they'd replace the internal memory-foam-ish cushion for free, I didn't take advantage. Which was a mistake, but those years of use were glorious.

It's so much more than a beanbag. It has a sort of firm squishiness that adapts to your body, and there are two "settings" — the regular way up is the most comfortable seat in the world, while flipping it on its side makes it less resistant and easier to lie on. If you're strapped for space, it's about the most versatile piece of furniture imaginable. You can stick it in front of the TV, turn a corner into a cozy nook, or... well, just watch this video. The possibilities are endless.

Now I really want another one. Maybe this weekend.

If you're in the US, though, you'll have to wait until next month, when they go on sale as a $190 set with a beige or dark brown cover. In Japan, there are quite a few more color options and they're all sold separately, but this is a good start. Place your pre-orders now.

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