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Mitt Romney warns against the dangers of the internet

Mitt Romney warns against the dangers of the internet


'You know, there's trolling going on.'

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Everyone's favorite former presidential hopeful / Netflix documentary star Mitt Romney has some prudent advice for the internet users of the world. In an interview with Yahoo global news anchor Katie Couric, Romney, along with members of his ever-expanding clan, shared that he was encouraged to avoid the comments on social media during his campaigns. "You don't want to have some 25-year-old writer that is attacking you in your mind all day." Even Mitt's better half, notorious horse-tongue-grabber Ann Romney, chimed in: "The Instagram comments now are just cruel."

Romney claimed that he "didn't read the news" or the comments on the internet about his campaign, but TV, on the other hand, was a safe zone. It seemed, in the eyes of Romney's advisers, that the vitriol of the news in print and online wouldn't reach television.

It is no novel observation that the internet can be a sometimes hostile place, especially toward Romney. Avoiding the hate brewed in the bowels of the net and all of the "trolling going on" is probably a contributing reason why the Romneys have been able to stay so chipper despite calamity and humiliation. Though the end to his time in the political spotlight may be growing nearer, we can all hold this morsel of guidance near and dear to our hearts for years to come. You heard Papa Mittens; stay away from the comments.