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This 'scientifically accurate' version of Pinky and the Brain will give you nightmares

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Scientific accuracy is horrifying

Pinky and the Brain was nothing if not a testament to the tenacity of lab mice. The Brain was always plotting some kind of world domination and Pinky was always... eating.  It's a nice reminder that anything can happen — as long as you remove yourself from reality entirely. Now, the team over at Animation Domination High-Def has brought reality back into the picture with a "scientifically accurate" version of the adored '90s TV show. Spoiler alert: "scientifically accurate" here just means "horrifying."

In the video above, bloated, bruised versions of the rodent characters go through a series of unpleasant tests often associated with animal-based research. They're electrocuted, prodded with giant needles, forced into complex mazes, and even thrown onto dart boards. If that's not enough to entice you, there's a new theme song too: "They're laboratory mice / so their lives are really nice / they'll mostly, they'll mostly be in pain pain pain pain, pain pain pain pain."

That's all, sleep well.