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This site lets you DJ with five different drum machines in HTML5

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If you don't own any kind of synth, but harbor fantasies of being a DJ (who doesn't?) a new site in HTML5 is about to make your dreams a whole lot easier. HTML5 Drum Machine lets you mess around with a bunch of different drum machines in your browser. Sure, it's just an emulation, but it gives you a pretty okay sense of what it's like to work with actual equipment. Plus, it's fun.

The HTML5 Drum Machine lets you choose from five different kits: an acoustic kit, the TR-808, TR-909, the Linndrum, and Elektron’s Machinedrum. You can change the pitch, create 16-step patterns, and save your work for the next time you're feeling musical. The app even lets you export your finished pattern as a WAV file, so you can make mixtapes to share with your adoring fans.