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The first and final frames of a movie might be better than the full thing

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Who knew Cast Away was so aesthetically complex?

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Most movies — there may be a few exceptions — are made with detailed attention to style and form. But when you're watching, say, Taxi Driver or Kill Bill, it's easy to get lost in the story (and the bloodshed) and forget about the little details directors agonize over. Here's a reminder of the beauty of those little details in the form of a supercut.

Jacob T. Swinney created a video that puts the first and final frames of 55 movies side-by-side for comparison. Over the course of the clip, you'll see Blue Valentine's foreshadowing, Black Swan's color contrast, The Godfather's pensive focus, and Cape Fear's cyclical imagery. There's a lot to unpack in there, and it's pretty nice to look at too.