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This cute little crossfader hopes to up your iPad DJ game

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For casual DJs, the idea of slimming down your whole kit to a sleek tablet has been tempting ever since the original iPad. But some things just need physical controls, and that's where the Mixfader comes in. This tiny (but attractive) little crossfader hooks up with an app that lets you spin, scratch, and mix your favorite (digital) vinyl.

The app should be solid stuff — it comes from the makers of the popular EDJing app, but what really matters is the crossfader. It connects via Bluetooth to smartphones and tablets, and EDJing promises that after five years of research and development, this little crossfader should all but eliminate the latency that plagues so many DJ apps. This certainly isn't the first time a company has paired a tablet DJ app with physical controls, but the whole thing is probably the slickest package we've seen yet — you'll have to wait till the fall to see if the performance is as good as they say it is.

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