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I hate that I love this Coke commercial

I hate that I love this Coke commercial


The best Coca-Cola ad has no Coke in it at all

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Like former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, I'm no fan of sugary drinks. This is why I find myself so conflicted over this delightful new ad campaign for Coca-Cola, produced by Ogilvy in Paris. There's no product, branding, or logo anywhere in the shot, except for the negative space between a pair of mismatched hands coming together to form the Coke bottle. It's a subtle reminder of the most iconic piece of contoured glass of the past century — which is fitting since the campaign is designed to celebrate the centenary of the original 1915 Coca-Cola bottle. I just wish this kind of clever advertising could be put to use when promoting carrots instead of caffeine.

Side note about Ogilvy: the Parisian ad agency is also responsible for one of Neil deGrasse Tyson's favorite commercials, featuring a daring mission to stop the Sun from melting the Earth with the help of Perrier bottled water.