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Fitbit's Surge fitness watch will soon be able to track outdoor cycling

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Fitbit launched its new flagship fitness watch, the Surge, without proper support for cycling. But that's about to change. A firmware update slated to arrive next month will allow the Surge to track distance, duration, average speed, heart rate, calories burned during those outdoor bike rides. Serious cyclists will be able to log onto the company's website for a more precise stats breakdown — including elevation for your regular bike routes — and all rides will be mapped out for easy reference with the Fitbit app, as well. Support for cycling will launch in North America first, with global availability to come later.

The company also seems mindful that the Surge may not always be a match for your evening attire, so it's adding support for multiple trackers per Fitbit account. This would enable the most devoted of health tracker enthusiasts to switch off between the Surge and something more easily concealable like the Zip. Up to six devices can now be attached to a single account — though we can't imagine many people could ever hit that limit. That update will be released sometime this week.