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The Post Modern Skateboard is all skate, no board

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The Post Modern Skateboard is arguably neither postmodern nor a skateboard

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The Post Modern Skateboard is the latest "thing I might give as a Christmas gift if I had unlimited money and pulled the name of a co-worker I didn't really know from the office Secret Santa hat." Sold by Hammacher Schlemmer — a store that specializes in this shopping niche — the skateboard is just two standalone wheels with foot holsters inside of them. So it's a skateboard with no board.

CNET compares the experience to a caster board, which looks like two small skateboards connected by a rod. The Post Modern Skateboard also comes with a connecting rod to help newcomers learn its unusual method for propulsion.

I've included some GIFs pulled from the company's explanatory sales video, so you can grok The Post Modern Skateboard's placement in the wide world of transportation technology.

Post Modern Skateboard

Post Modern Skateboard

Post Modern Skateboard

The ridable might look familiar to loyal Verge readers. Resident board expert Sam Sheffer covered the product when it was called Orbitwheels, which have been around since 2011, in November of last year. (You can actually spot the old branding on the official product photos at Hammacher Schlemmer's site.) 

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