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Rogue One and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation have been battling for naming rights

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Running through the 6 with my rogues

Earlier this month, we learned that the Gareth Edwards-directed Star Wars spin-off would be called Rogue One. Yesterday, news dropped that the fifth installment of Mission Impossible was titled Rogue Nation. Turns out, those names are pretty similar, and Mission Impossible's studio isn't letting it fly.

Going rogue

Paramount cleared the Mission Impossible title with the Motion Picture Association of America back in January, The Hollywood Reporter reports. But because Disney's CEO, Robert Iger, didn't announce the Rogue One title until this month, Disney had to back down — a little. Rather than ditching the name entirely, Disney agreed not to mention Rogue One this summer in any promotional materials aimed at the "general consumer," according to THR.

That means we've probably gotten all the Rogue One news we're going to get for a while, but once Rogue Nation comes out, there will likely be teasers aplenty to look forward to.

One summer without Rogue One might not mean too much to Disney; the movie isn't set to be released until the end of 2016. Rogue Nation will premiere in July of this year, after pushing up its release date to avoid the December release of another Star Wars movie — J.J. Abrams' The Force Awakens.