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Ted Cruz's Twitter avatar has a certain, how do you say, Jesus-ness

Ted Cruz's Twitter avatar has a certain, how do you say, Jesus-ness


Ted Cruz's social media team knows how to select an image

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Prepare yourself, America.

For the next 20 months or so, we will be talking about Ted Cruz. Whether or not we like the guy, attention to the microscopic details of the Texas senator's life may very well drive us to the point of madness. But don't worry, he's only one of many soon-to-be-declared presidential contenders that will become the awkward topic of conversation at our family dinners and holiday work parties!

I say, let's enjoy this finite amount of time when Cruz is more human than flesh-standee shoulder of all of our hopes, anxieties, and fears. Let's really relish, for example, the candidate's oddball internet acumen, like Cruz's Twitter avatar, which is the most blatant Jesus pose a person can hold without blaspheming the Lamb of God. Scrolling through Ted Cruz's Twitter stream is like shopping at a Christian bookstore or cleaning out my grandmother's guest bedroom.

Cruz knows his demo. Cruz's big announcement was made at Liberty University, the world's largest Christian college. Cruz, as Politico notes, is angling himself as a Christian conservative candidate. A picture's worth a thousand words, so I suppose this GIF, courtesy Vox Media's Dylan Lathrop, is worth a million.

Jesus Cruz

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