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Reddit comments can now be embedded on other websites

Reddit comments can now be embedded on other websites

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Reddit comments will no longer be stuck in whatever thread and subreddit that they were first posted in. Reddit now provides the ability to take comments from any public subreddit and embed them elsewhere online, allowing people to highlight specific comments and conversations. Twitter has allowed this for a long time now, and Facebook started allowing it a little over a year back. In both cases, they've been important for anyone writing a news story, a blog post, or even a comment to articulate and frame conversations happening online, especially since those conversations are increasingly — if not predominantly — taking place on social media.

Embedded comments may give Reddit a bigger presence in online conversations, for better or worse. Allowing people to click through an embedded comment and head back to Reddit will likely help drive new visitors to the site. But Reddit's presence can really go two ways: it gets major public figures stopping by for revealing question and answer sessions, but certain corners of the site also have vitriolic comments, which won't present a good public face. Either way, Reddit allowing those to be embedded will make it easier to get them off of the site and into wider conversations.

For now, enjoy this gem:

Comment from discussion Steve Buscemi. AMA..