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Xbox Fitness now syncs exercise data to Microsoft Health

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Microsoft’s Xbox Fitness service launched nearly two years ago as a way to whip you into shape with big names and big data. While the service is limited to the Xbox, it’s moving outside of the games console today thanks to some integration with Microsoft’s new Health service. In an update to the Xbox One app, Xbox Fitness will now sync data to Microsoft Health, allowing you to access all your exercise data from the Health dashboard.

If you’re a Microsoft Band owner then that means you can choose to exercise in a gym or in the park, and work out at home with Xbox Fitness, with all the data synced to one central location that's accessible on the web or through cross-platform apps. There’s no setup involved if you’re already a Band user, and the Xbox Fitness app will help you create a Microsoft Health account if not. With an international expansion planned for Microsoft Health next month, and this latest update, it feels like Microsoft is getting a lot more serious about its health and fitness service at a time when it has to battle Apple, Google, and fitness-focused accessories from Jawbone, Fitbit, and others.