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SodaStream is making a new machine that can carbonate basically anything

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SodaStream, the company whose carbonators have rapidly proliferated through kitchens around the world in recent years, has a problem: the machines that it has on the market can only carbonate water. You make the water fizzy with a replaceable CO2 canister, then afterward you can drop in some flavored syrup if you want. (Trust me, I've tried carbonating other things — it can turn into an explosive mess in a hurry.)

"Any and all liquids"

But there's a new bleeding edge in carbonation technology — the SodaStream MIX, which will debut at Milan's Salone del Mobile next month. The Yves Behar-designed unit is kind of insane: it has a big color display, Bluetooth connectivity, works with an app on your smartphone, and can allegedly "carbonate any and all liquids, from pure fruit juices to alcoholic beverages."

From the sounds of it, the machine is geared primarily toward bartenders, but it'll also be marketed to "sophisticated" home users (in other words, it won't be cheap). No word on pricing or availability yet.

I am going to carbonate milk, probably.