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The new Ms. Marvel and Thor are joining the Avengers this fall

The new Ms. Marvel and Thor are joining the Avengers this fall


A new team assembles

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Marvel today announced that the popular new Ms. Marvel and Thor will join the All-New, All-Different Avengers this fall. It's great and wholly fitting news. Last October, Ms. Marvel #1 went into its seventh reprinting, a rare milestone for a new comic that shows how much the character and writing resonates with readers. Meanwhile, the first five issues of the new female-led Thor series outsold its predecessor by 30 percent, suggesting at the very least that Marvel would be smart to keep the new character around for awhile.

The new team debuts after Secret Wars

The roster change will take place after Marvel's upcoming company-wide Secret Wars event series. Announced last fall, the event promises to change the entire Marvel multiverse, with the main and alternate continuities being smashed together and rewritten. As a part of that process, 33 ongoing series will come to an end next month, making way for new series to launch later this year.

Marvel plans to announce who will join Ms. Marvel and Thor on the new Avengers roster on a week-by-week basis. Judging by the silhouettes, we could very likely see Storm in the group, especially as she has become a more integral character since heading up the all-female X-Men in 2013. As for who else might join the team, we'll have to wait and see, but Miles Morales could be a decent bet.

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