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Crowdfunding campaign for Super Troopers 2 launches on Indiegogo

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Broken Lizard fans rejoice. The comedy team behind the 2001 cult hit Super Troopers today announced that they're in the process of making a sequel and are funding the film through Indiegogo. The troupe already has a script ready as well as support from their studio, but now needs to raise at least $2 million by April 24th to start production on the film this summer. If they fail, however, the movie will likely never be made.

Earning $2 million by next month means Broken Lizard will be able to produce a barebones sequel. However, the more money they receive, the better the final product can be. The group is offering a laundry list of perks for fans willing to donate in order to top their goal. The standard offerings include T-shirts and tickets to the wide release, but more generous donors earn a spot at a Beerfest tournament with the cast or a legal cannabis outing in Colorado. You may want to start giving meow.