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Facebook app leaks new Messenger platform and 'teleportation' for F8

Facebook app leaks new Messenger platform and 'teleportation' for F8

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Facebook appears to have accidentally leaked some of the biggest announcements ahead of its annual F8 developers conference. According to numerous reports, the official F8 app sent out a notification ahead of schedule detailing three new projects: "Parse for IoT, Messenger as a Platform, and the Teleportation Station." Although there's been no official word from Facebook, more than a few individuals in the tech industry received the message.

The leak suggests Facebook is expanding its reach

If the leak is legitimate, it suggests Facebook is doing its best to expand its reach at this year's F8. Parse is the company's app-building suite for smartphones — allowing it to build software for Internet of Things would be a logical step forward. Similarly, turning Messenger into a platform for developers would follow the trend among some chat apps to offer services like gaming as well as messaging. A report by TechCrunch last week already suggested this was in the cards. As for the "Teleportation Station," this could be anything, but one proposal is that it will be an announcement concerning Oculus Rift. Whether joking or serious, we don't know, but virtual reality is certainly going to be a part of this year's conference, with one keynote speech scheduled for tomorrow titled "Why Virtual Reality Will Matter To You."

Whatever happens though, we'll find soon enough in San Francisco. The first keynote speech will be given today at 10:00AM PT, with the event finishing tomorrow afternoon.

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