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The PS4 is finally getting promised features thanks to a massive update

The PS4 is finally getting promised features thanks to a massive update


Suspend / resume is almost here

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Tomorrow the PlayStation 4 is getting a big update — and it will include a few features that owners of the console have been waiting for. The update is so big it has a codename: "Yukimura."

Chief among the new additions in the 2.50 system update is the suspend / resume feature; originally promised when the PS4 was first announced way back in 2013, the option lets players quickly jump in and out of games by pushing the PS4's power button, putting the console into a rest mode. You just push it again to turn it back on and pick up where you left off. Sony says the feature will be "supported by nearly all of your PS4 games."

Other new features include the ability to backup and restore things like saved data and user settings to an external USB drive. There will also be new social features, letting you find Facebook friends who also happen to own a PS4. You'll also now be able to figure out which friends are playing the same games as you, with the "Friends Who Play This" option. The PlayStation Network is also taking a page from Twitter's book, introducing new verified accounts; a badge on select accounts will let you see when you're playing against certain game developers. Meanwhile, Dailymotion has been added to the list of services where you can upload your gameplay clips.

As for future updates, Sony is introducing a new option so you can install them automatically. There's a lot more in the update, including better accessibility features, so be sure to check out the PlayStation blog for the full rundown. The update is expected to go live in North America tomorrow.

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