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T-Mobile is giving away a free year of Netflix with Galaxy S6 purchases

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Pre-orders are likely to kick off on March 27th

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has revealed that the carrier will throw in a free year of Netflix for all customers who purchase Samsung's Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge. The offer will run from March 27th — when T-Mobile is likely to open up pre-orders — through April 9th. The fine print at the company's S6 website says you'll need to put in for your complimentary 12-month subscription code by May 21st and redeem it with Netflix by June 20th. T-Mobile will cover a year of Netflix's two-stream plan, which normally runs $8.99 per month, for a total value of over $100.

Beyond that, we don't yet know any other catches or potential gotchas that might drag down the appeal of T-Mobile's promotion; hopefully it'll be open to existing Netflix subscribers, at the very least. Beyond stating the offer will only be valid "while codes last," T-Mobile has said it will share more specifics on the deal soon. Just keep in mind that while popular music services don't count against your data plan on T-Mobile, Netflix and other video apps most certainly do — for now. Samsung has said the Galaxy S6 will begin its launch on April 10th, though US carriers haven't yet firmed up their own release dates.