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Dance music service Beatport finally launches an app

Dance music service Beatport finally launches an app

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Beatport has served as one of the major destinations for DJs to stock up on tracks for years, but it's watched the smartphone revolution come and go without a single interesting move — until now. The site, owned by EDM event heavyweight SFX Entertainment, is launching an app for iOS and Android that offers access to Beatport's recently launched free streaming service. Additionally, the app has Beatport Shows — basically a calendar of EDM events that has integrated ticket purchasing, linking the app into SFX's bread-and-butter business.

It's a bit of a pivot from Beatport's original business model, but the company still sells tracks to DJs through its recently rebranded Beatport Pro service. SFX says that Beatport Pro remains a "core focus."

T-Mobile is being called the charter partner for the Beatport app, no doubt thanks to its Music Freedom promotion, which selectively exempts some streaming music services from data caps.

Both Android and iOS versions should be available today.

Correction: The article originally stated that Beatport Live, a livestreaming platform for DJs, was part of the app. This isn't correct — it's only on web, at