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This is Marvel's new Avengers team

This is Marvel's new Avengers team

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The five myserious outlines in Marvel's new Avengers lineup have been revealed. After a scan leaked on 4chan this morning, Wired UK has posted an official version of the cover for All-New, All-Different Avengers, which will premiere on May 2nd. Earlier this week, Marvel gave us a partial look at the cover, confirming that Ms. Marvel and the new, female Thor would be part of the team. Now, up front, we've got Miles Morales from from Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man. Flying to his right is Nova, and above him is the Vision. Captain America is right below Thor, and yes, obviously, that's Iron Man beside him.

All-Different Avengers

So who are all these people, and how did they join the team? We're not totally sure about the first question, but presumably, we'll find the answer to the second during Marvel's Secret Wars series. Secret Wars is a company-wide event that will change how the Marvel universe works from here on out — the company plans on ending its major series and pitting all its heroes from across the multiverse against each other. The new Avengers will arise out of that. Right now, though, we do know that the roster includes some of Marvel's most interesting and high-profile new characters.

Spider-Man, or to be more specific, the "Ultimate" Spider-Man aka Miles Morales. It seems Morales — not Peter Parker — will be the de facto Spidey once all the events of Secret Wars wrap. Whether this factors into Marvel's Cinematic Universe remains to be seen.

Thor. The new female Thor has been outselling the old Thor by 30 percent, and given Thor's history in the Avengers lineup, it's little wonder to see her take such a prominent role.

Captain America, in this iteration, is played by Sam Wilson (formerly Falcon — hence the wings). Fans of the movies shouldn't take this as a sign that Anthony Mackie will be donning the shield anytime soon. Chris Evans is still signed on for Civil War, and another historical Cap replacement — Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) — is also in the running.

Ms Marvel. Originally pitched as the female counterpart to Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel (then Carol Danvers) first appeared in 1968 before joining The Avengers ten years later. The new Ms. Marvel, portrayed by 16-year-old Pakistani-American Kamala Khan, is Marvel Comics' first Muslim character to headline a series. The first issue of the new Ms. Marvel got a seventh printing last October, which is matched only by a handful of other comics ever. (It's also worth noting that the issue has sold more on digital than paper, which makes this accomplishment even more impressive.)

The Vision. If you don't know him yet, you will after this summer's Avengers: Age of Ultron. The Vision is an android Avenger with various superhero-related powers and the voice of a British noble.

Nova is probably the least-known member, given that he has yet to appear in a Marvel blockbuster. Nova, presumably portrayed here by Sam Alexander (who's been wearing the helmet since 2011 and had his own series as of February 2013), is a member of the Nova Corp — yep, same Corp that featured prominently in last year's Guardians of the Galaxy. Nova has all the superpowers you'd expect, including super strength, durability, flight, and a few others that help him traverse the galaxy and talk to various alien species.

Iron Man. This is actually the one big question remaining — aside from "who owns the green hand they're all running toward?" It's no surprise that the red-and-gold suit is once again joining the Avengers, but as for who's inside the suit — Tony Stark? Rhodey Rhodes? Someone else entirely? — we don't know for sure yet. If it's Stark, he'll have to fit his Avengers work around moving to Silicon Valley and launching a utopian smartphone app.

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