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Watch this spooky music video shot with a thermal camera

Watch this spooky music video shot with a thermal camera


A great music video for a great song

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Hiro Murai directed the best music video of 2014, and I suspect he'll direct the best music video of 2015, too. This week, the filmmaker published his new music video for Earl Sweatshirt's "Grief." Shot entirely with a thermal camera, the footage is moody and unsettling, like watching ghosts pass another day in the abyss.

Murai likes to finish his videos with wry subversions, short beats that turn everything you've watched to that point on its head. "Grief" is no different, though the final tweak is a bit subtler than previous videos. All to say, stick with the video until the finish.

What a pleasure to watch a director like Murai, an artist who challenges himself with each new project. On one hand, I can't wait to see what he does with a feature length film; on the other hand, I'll miss these short vignettes that arrive on the internet like an unexpected gift.