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Please don't drool on this 15-foot mural honoring classic Star Wars figurines

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All your friends are here: Luke, Boba Fett... Indiana Jones?

Artist Robert Burden has carved his own niche as a painter of classic children's toys. His latest piece is a 15-foot-wide mural celebrating classic Star Wars toys.

His work spans my childhood: Voltron, Captain America, GI Joe. A personal favorite is this portrait of Krang, inspired by the 1988 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figurine of the same name. I like the rich gold and blues in the painting, but my favorite decision is the custom golden Krangs built into the frame.


On a superficial level, Burden's paintings call to mind Kehinde Wiley's work, which use classic portraits and styles on modern subjects. Though that's really where the comparison ends. Not to say I don't enjoy Burden's paintings. I would be honored to have this 15-foot behemoth covering a wall of of my living room. Fans, particularly of Star Wars, often treat their old toys like precious treasures and artifacts. It's fitting that they should be painted as such.

Look closely, and you'll spot a few non-canonical guest stars.

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