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YouTube's new 4K, 60fps videos are gorgeous — but probably won't run on your laptop

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The secret is most computers can't run this Secret video

YouTube is now testing 4K videos at 60 frames per second. Last year, the video streaming company tested both 4K and 60fps videos separately, but this small batch of videos marks the first time both settings have been shown together.

Most viewers won't be able to enjoy these videos to their full potential. You'll need both a 4K monitor along with a computer and internet connection powerful enough to stream the footage. I just upgraded to last year's Macbook Pro Retina, and even with a 300mbps connection, the video is stammering about like it's drunk and can't find its house keys.

I thought today would be the day I watch K-pop in ultra-HD, but I guess not. Looks like today, just like every other day, I'm stuck watching Secret in junky old non-ultra HD. What do you think this is, YouTube, 2014?

I've included a couple other videos that will torture your laptop:

Correction: I originally described 60 fps as "a frame rate faster than the human eye can discern." That's incorrect, and obviously so. How else would we enjoy arguments over first-person shooter frame rates if not for people distinguishing 60 fps versus 30 fps?