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Gillian Flynn to write female-led heist film for 12 Years a Slave director

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Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Gillian Flynn has been taking on more screenwriting projects since her novel Gone Girl, which she also adapted into a screenplay, turned into such a huge success, and her newest project is easily among her most exciting. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Flynn is going to write an adaptation of the British miniseries Widows, which is about a group of widows who decide to take over a heist after their husbands are killed trying to pull it off. What makes the project even better is that Steve McQueen, the incredible director behind 12 Years a Slave and Shame, is supposed to direct the film. It sounds as though McQueen will also be contributing to the screenplay.

This is clearly a project to watch, but so is anything else these two are doing. Widows is expected to be McQueen's next film. Flynn is also teaming up again with David Fincher and Ben Affleck to remake Hitchcock's Strangers On a Train, for which she will write the screenplay.