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AMC's The Walking Dead spinoff is titled Fear the Walking Dead

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AMC's upcoming The Walking Dead spinoff is on the way, and it just got a title: Fear the Walking Dead. Series creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman made the announcement on Twitter this afternoon:

The news comes only days before The Walking Dead's season five finale airs on Sunday night. The timing, however, is fitting; AMC announced earlier today that the trailer for the companion series would air after the finale.

Fear the Walking Dead, which got a two-season order earlier this month, is set to debut this summer. The series, which is set in Los Angeles, follows the zombie outbreak and breakdown of society before the events of the main series. Expect AMC to push the new series hard in the run-up to its premiere, as it now joins Better Call Saul as potential big draw for the network after the end of Mad Men this spring.