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Withings' analog Activité smartwatches now work with Android

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Withings' range of discrete and well-designed Activité smartwatches are finally compatible with Android. As of March 2nd, both the regular Activité and the cheaper Activité Pop (it's pronounced Ac-ti-vi-TAY) work with Google's mobile OS, feeding in data about sleep, steps, and distance travelled to Android's health hub, Google Fit.

"The only people who notice it will tell you it’s a nice watch."

When we reviewed the original Activité last year, we praised Withings for taking a measured approach to the idea of a smartwatch. Both the Activité and the plastic-strapped Activité Pop eschew the standard battery-guzzling screen for a simple analog watch face: one dial shows the time, another tracks the users' daily activity. "The only people who notice it will tell you it’s a nice watch, not inquire about that crazy bracelet or computer on your wrist," wrote David Pierce in our review.

This is still true, and if you're an Android user looking for a device that can track your fitness without needing to be recharged daily (the Activité's battery lasts for eight months!) then these might be the devices for you. The leather-and-steel Activité costs $450, while the Pop comes in at a more reasonable $149.95.