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New Xbox 360 preview program lets owners test future updates

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Updates for what's nearly a 10-year-old console

Microsoft first launched its Xbox One preview program just over a year ago, allowing console owners to test upcoming dashboard updates on a monthly basis. It has been well received, and now the company is expanding the program to the Xbox 360. While it’s surprising that Microsoft is planning updates for what's nearly a 10-year-old console, the company is promising just that. An initial update will add better network connectivity tests, and Microsoft says "there will be even more changes coming later this year."

Invite only for certain Xbox 360 owners

Xbox 360 owners that are specially selected will receive an invite to the program on their console through a message from Xbox Live. Owners can then sign up directly from an Xbox 360 and enroll a console into the preview program. It’s not clear what future updates will bring, but the initial preview will address unnamed "common customer issues," according to Microsoft.

Alongside the preview program, Microsoft is also allowing Xbox 360 owners to build an Xbox One game library straight from their existing Xbox 360 console. Xbox Live Gold members can claim Xbox One games thanks to the monthly games with gold offer. While you’ve always been able to claim these through the web, Microsoft is just making it a little easier for Xbox 360 owners and more tempting to make the switch to the company’s latest games console.