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Apple beats Samsung to become the world's top smartphone manufacturer in Q4, says Gartner

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iPhone sales have been on a tear recently, while Samsung's smartphone lineup has shown its first real signs of struggle in many years — a trend that led some analysts to believe that Apple had retaken the lead as the world's largest smartphone manufacturer. Now, Gartner, one of the industry's top tracking and research firms, is also claiming victory for Apple. Its latest report indicates that Apple edged out Samsung by selling 74.8 million iPhones, narrowly edging out Samsung's 73 million smartphones sold in Q4 last year.

That's a pretty dramatic reversal from a year ago, when Samsung sold 83.3 million smartphones to soundly best Apple's sales of 50.2 million iPhones. However, it seems that Samsung might now have what it takes to turn the tide quickly back to its favor: the company's brand-new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are easily the most visually striking phones the company has announced in years. Both are set to launch worldwide on April 10th — so while Apple could stay on top for one more quarter, it seems likely that Samsung could steal the crown back in Q2 of this year.