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Three steps to weasel-woodpecker acceptance

Three steps to weasel-woodpecker acceptance


You can do this

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Martin Le-May

This picture is magical. This picture is confusing. This picture is full of amazing science. It's a weasel riding a flying woodpecker, and it's making you feel some #feels. Fortunately, weasel-woodpecker acceptance is within reach, and these steps will get you there.

1) Denial: is this shit real?

It's hard not to question the veracity of this image. You mumble "photoshop" as you look at it. Fortunately, the internet has answers: this is the real deal. A man by the name of Martin Le-May took a series of pictures of the pair when he heard distress calls from the bird — a European green woodpecker — in Hornchurch Country Park in East London, according to NBC.

Credit: Martin Le-May

Credit: Martin Le-May

You finally accept that it's real. After all, this has happened before.


2) Searching for truth (or why is this happening?! OMG.)

The Rescuers were on a mission, so what's up with this weasel? You do some Googling and find out that real life isn't nearly as rosy: this is a sneak attack gone wrong.

This species of woodpeckers feeds on the ground. The weasel likely tried to pounce on the bird while it was looking for insects to eat. When the woodpecker realized what was going on, it took off. All the weasel could do at that point was hold on for dear life. "This was a struggle for life," Le-May told ITV News. The pair got about 10 feet off the ground before landing again. Back on the soil, the woodpecker was able to break free from the weasel. Both animals appeared unharmed, Le-May told Slate.

3) Embracing the magic

I can't take you there. You have to get there on your own — or you can ask a bare-chested Putin for help.