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Apple will let you cut the line if you're buying a $10,000 Apple Watch Edition

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Customers thinking of buying the Apple Watch Edition will be pampered in Apple's stores and receive free, round-the-clock tech support for two years, according to a report from 9to5Mac. Would-be Edition owners — who could be shelling out as much as $17,000 for a 38mm, 18-karat gold case with a bright red, modern buckle — will skip the queues in Apple's stores and receive private consultations lasting up to one hour with a dedicated Apple Watch expert. The demo stations for the Edition will also be separate to those for the Watch and Watch Sport, while staff will be advised to "assess store conditions" before bringing out more than two watches simultaneously for fear of theft. Apple is reportedly telling its employees that the "journey" for buying an Edition "is intended to be extremely personal, elegant, and purposeful."

"personal, elegant, and purposeful"

Although each of the Apple Watch's three tiers has exactly the same features and technology, Apple is clearly trying to differentiate its wearables with more than just a price tag. Much has been made of Apple's "accessible luxury" (the fact that the iPhone is used by both billionaires and average Joes alike), but the introduction of the Apple Watch Edition creates a new and obvious divide between the company's customers. Will the Apple faithful object or will they just think: "If people want to pay more than $10,000 for a smartwatch that does the same things as my $350 one, then hey, that's not my problem."

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