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You can now view Google+ photos and videos in Drive

You can now view Google+ photos and videos in Drive

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Starting today, Google is making it possible to view photos and videos backed up with the Google+ apps for iPhone and Android in Google Drive. Previously, the only way to view those photos and videos was within Google+ itself. The photos and images stored will be available in a new section of the Drive apps for iOS, Android, and the web.

This change is the first fruit of Google splitting Google+ up into various parts, which started earlier this month. Many have said that the best part of Google+ is its photo and video tools, which offer easy backups from mobile, powerful editing tools, and smart automatic enhancements. Making those photos and tools available in Google Drive, which is a much more broadly used app, will likely be beneficial to a lot of users.

Google+ photos in Drive

Google says the new features will be available starting today, with full archives available in Drive within a few weeks.

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