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Gmail for Android finally has a unified inbox that puts every email in one place

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Gmail for Android can finally show all of your emails from every account in one place. Today, Google announced that the latest update to its email app includes a new "All Inboxes" option which, just as it sounds, will list every message across your email accounts in one central spot. Since every email can be read and replied to from the new view, Android users no longer have to deal with tapping the screen to jump between inboxes. Sadly there's no word on when the iOS Gmail app will gain the same feature; for now, those users are stuck switching between accounts with no universal inbox. (Apple's own Mail app and other iOS mail clients offer a unified inbox.)

Today's Android update also adds conversation view for email services beyond Gmail. Google says Yahoo, and other IMAP/POP accounts will now display your emails in a more organized fashion "neatly stacked as one conversation." And finally, the new Gmail for Android update is said to include improved auto-complete to make searching quicker, along with new animations, larger previews of your attachments, and the option to save those attachments to Drive in one tap.

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