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The robot from Ex Machina is now a personal assistant on LinkedIn

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The marketing campaign for South by Southwest darling Ex Machina continues to be both brilliant and bizarre. Ahead of the film's April 10th release, Adweek discovered that Ava, the film's gynoid, has seemingly created a LinkedIn profile advertising herself as a personal assistant.

The profile is the result of a partnership between A24 Films, the film's distribution company, and, a personal assistance startup that allows a program named Amy help the user schedule meetings over email.

Ava now joins Amy as a potential assistant, but will only be available to users until April 30th.

Despite its being an indie film, Ex Machina is making waves for the aggressive promotional efforts backing it. (It helps that it's a great film, too.) During SXSW, A24 created a fake Tinder profile for Ava that attracted both headlines and lustful festival-goers.