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The Metal Gear Solid movie now has a writer

The Metal Gear Solid movie now has a writer

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The movie version of classic PlayStation video game Metal Gear Solid now has a writer. Deadline reports that Jay Basu, the young British writer who recently agreed to help Universal relaunch its classic monster movies, will write the screenplay for the film. Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who helmed The Kings of Summer, is expected to direct.

The 1998 game casts players as Solid Snake as he infiltrates a secret facility codenamed Shadow Moses to stop special forces unit FOXHOUND from launching a nuclear missile from the stolen Metal Gear REX robot. The game — actually the third in the Metal Gear series — reignited the franchise, spawning a series of well-received sequels and a cult following.

The game cast players as legendary infiltrator Solid Snake

It's not yet clear which period of the series' alternate history the movie will focus on — MGS sequels have jumped through time and switched characters with every outing, casting players as Solid Snake's predecessor in the 1960s in MGS 3, and nimble cybernetic ninja Raiden in the delightfully named Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance spin-off. The next game in the series, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, is due out on September 1st, but there are rumors that series creator Hideo Kojima may leave the game's publisher, Konami, soon after launch.