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Samsung and LG call off their legal war over a washing machine

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Samsung and LG have agreed to call off their legal tangle over damage done to Samsung's high-end washing machines at last year's IFA conference. For months, Samsung has accused senior LG executive Jo Seong-jin of deliberately sabotaging four of the $2,700 machines on the show floor. The bizarre incident between two storied rivals somehow erupted into all-out war, with Samsung suing LG over the matter and LG firing back with a countersuit of its own (and surveillance footage meant to clear Jo's name).

All the while, there's been plenty of trash talk to go around. At one point, LG told The Wall Street Journal that Samsung's washer was "particularly weak on the hinges." Mediation attempts between the companies had previously failed to produce an amicable end result, with Jo's lawyer vowing that the truth would be "revealed in the courts." But sanity has finally prevailed, and both sides say they'll be withdrawing court litigation effective immediately; the call for peace also extends to two other pending complaints over leaked OLED and air conditioning secrets.