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Facebook's new 'Scrapbook' helps parents keep baby photos in one place

Facebook's new 'Scrapbook' helps parents keep baby photos in one place

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Facebook is in the process of rolling out a new "Scrapbook" feature that gives parents a simple way of putting photos of their newborns, toddlers, and kids under the age of 13 in one spot. Rather than a proper profile (users can't sign up for those until they're 13), Scrapbook serves as a handy tool for amassing all those baby photos and storing them in a dedicated, easy-to-access place on Facebook.

As easier way of keeping photos of your kid in one spot

Scrapbooks can serve as a private album if parents wish, but they can just as easily be shared with your family and other Facebook friends. Facebook quickly noticed the popular trend of parents tagging their significant other in any photos featuring their child, which made for a roundabout way of keeping those shots in a central place and making them visible for two sets of friends.

Facebook scrapbook

But as TechCrunch lays out, Scrapbook makes everything a bit simpler. By heading into Facebook's family and relationships section, you can set up a Scrapbook for your own child. Only parents themselves can make a Scrapbook, and for your partner to add photos or change privacy settings, you'll need to be linked via Facebook's relationship status section. (That could make things slightly awkward for divorcés.)

Once set up, Facebook will run through tagged photos of both parents to help you quickly pick out those featuring your child. From there, Scrapbook appears as its own photo album, and you'll be able to tag your kid's name in pictures posted by friends, as well. Scrapbook is launching first in the US on the web, iOS, and Android. As for what's next, Facebook told TechCrunch that it's still toying with ways to evolve Scrapbook into full profiles once children reach 13. And if you absolutely hate baby photos filling up your news feed, this could help filter out the ones you just can't bear anymore.