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This is Nvidia Shield: a closer look at the 4K Android TV game console

Nvidia touted three big announces at its GDC 2015 press conference, but all of them center around its latest Shield device: a home console powered by Tegra X1, running Android TV, and capable of playing games like Crysis 3 locally and streaming premium titles through its also-just-announced Grid service. The $199 console itself, coming this May, embodies Nvidia's design language — sharp edges, a mix of gloss and matte black, a green glow that "cracks" through the front of the system. (The controller, on the other hand, feels like the opposite of all that.) Nvidia has made a lot of promises with the capabilities, and we won't know how well it'll make good on those promises until we try it ourselves. But the hardware itself? Here you go!


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