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Microsoft is bringing Xbox games to its futuristic HoloLens headset

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Appearing at Game Developers Conference 2015 today, Xbox chief Phil Spencer confirmed that Microsoft intends to bring Xbox gaming to the company's futuristic HoloLens headset. "Gaming and entertainment is going to be critical," to introducing consumers to such a radically new experience, Spencer said. He revealed that Microsoft's own first-party development studios are already at work trying to build captivating experiences beyond what we saw in January. But eventually, Microsoft's going to open the doors to outside developers.

"While there are going to be many uses and industries that take advantage of Microsoft HoloLens and everything that holographic computing has to offer, gaming is a huge opportunity," Microsoft said in a press release. Earlier in the presentation, Spencer had underlined the important piece gaming plays in the software ecosystems of other platforms — PC, smartphones, and obviously consoles. Microsoft apparently sees HoloLens and its underlying Windows Holographic as no exception. Spencer hinted that interested developers should sign up for the Windows Insider Program for eventual API access; we expect to hear much more about gaming on HoloLens at Microsoft's Build conference next month. Sadly, we're no closer to knowing when you'll be able to strap one on for yourself.