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Up close with Ferrari's latest supercar, the 488 GTB

Even the sound of the doors has been engineered for maximum sex appeal

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The Ferrari 488 GTB is predictable. More power, more speed, more aggressive lines, and even more curves. It's a flowing, organic, aerodynamic shape that seems to have been hewn from some scarlet-red meteor landed near Maranello. It goes from 0 to 100kmh in 3 seconds flat. It has a track-ready 0.06-second response time to the accelerator. Predictable, yes. But boring? Never.

Succeeding the Ferrari 458, this new car comes with a brand new 3.9-liter V8 engine, which is augmented with two turbochargers and mounted in the middle of the chassis, beneath a pretty little window. It has more power and torque than any sane human being could ever need, but Ferrari's made even bigger improvements in aerodynamics. The 488 manages the contradictory feat of increasing downforce — by a full 50 percent relative to the previous model — while decreasing drag. The result, says the Italian company, is that the 488 GTB is now the most aerodynamic road-going Ferrari ever.

The engineering is no less impressive than the stunningly good looks

The 488's braking system has been derived from the outrageous LaFerrari hybrid car, improving stopping distances by 9 percent. No detail has been left neglected, with the engine also including "an ion-sensing system which measures ionising currents to control ignition timing and adaptively predict misfires." Even the freaking exhaust headers have been designed to improve the clarity and tonality of the car's engine noise.

Seeing the Ferrari 488 in person is an experience almost worth paying for. The side windows are like teardrops suspended horizontally in the air. The wheel arches are slightly exaggerated, directing air and the observer's eye around the car's flowing, harmonious shape. The 488 has more sharp angles and lines than the 458, but still retains the look of a natural predator. I got the pleasure of sitting inside it for a few brief moments, and my ears still echo with the delightful sound of the doors closing. Don't ask me to explain how or why it felt so good, but it did.

Ferrari's hashtag for the 488 GTB (yes, there's a hashtag) is #wordsarenotenough, and in that spirit, I leave you with pictures of its latest debutant at the Geneva Motor Show. One example is painted silver while the other features the all-new Rosso Corsa Metallizzato color, "developed to underscore this model’s supremely sporty character as well as its unique elegance and exclusivity."

Ferrari 488 GTB at Geneva Motor Show