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If Super Smash Bros. was about an overbooked pixelated hotel...

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At one point, I threw a fridge at a trampoline, which proceeded to bounce back and knock me off the stage. That's a something I'm glad I can write.

Check-in, Knock-out is the latest in a trend of smaller-scale, local multiplayer PC titles. The game falls somewhere between Towerfall, the four-player pixelated archery fest, and Super Smash Bros. The premise is simple: the only way you can claim the last room in an overbooked hotel is to beat up your competition.

Fighters can't touch each other directly. Instead, they pick up objects from around the level to throw at one another, hoping to knock one another off screen. Any object is a potential projectile — fridges, trampolines, potted plants, etc. — up to and including the floor itself in large square chunks, which means very quickly you lose any platforms to stand on.

There's some more nuance to that — each character has a special ability, and there's a surprisingly fun and simple counter system — but that's the gist. The concept is simple and fun, but much of the game is otherwise still a work in progress. Check-in, Knock-out developer Lionade is comprised of a trio of freshmen from Utrecht School of the Arts in The Netherlands. It's being published by Tiny Build Games, a company that found success with 2013's No Time to Explain and has spent much of its time since as a publisher for quirkier indie titles like this and SpeedRunners.

Check-in Knock-out is coming to PC in May via Steam. Lionade is targeting July for console(s) but wouldn't say if it'd be Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or both.