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Up close with Lamborghini's even faster Aventador Superveloce

The prettiest yellow thing on the planet is now even more powerful

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You'd think triangles and hexagons would be tired by now. Every gaming PC manufacturer has by now ripped off Lamborghini's violently sharp lines and exaggerated air intakes. The Lambo has become a cliché of design by virtue of how often and how widely it has been copied. And yet, seeing the real thing in its carbon fiber flesh is still a uniquely thrilling experience.

Lamborghini's debutant at this year's Geneva Motor Show is the Aventador Superveloce, an even more extreme supercar to reign atop its signature bright yellow throne. The new car has gone spartan in its pursuit of speed, stripping out the infotainment system, the carpets, and some noise insulation elements. The monocoque, fixed air intakes, and the new rear wing are all made out of carbon fiber, supported by lightweight aluminum frames. The bucket seats, door panels, and fenders are also all made out of carbon. Even the exhaust system has been redesigned to be lighter, and altogether the Superveloce sheds 50kg (110lb) from the original Aventador's weight. Which is, of course, only the start for Lamborghini.

No infotainment, no carpets, just speed

The reduction in weight is accompanied by modifications to the V12 engine that see the new Aventador put out 750bhp, sending the car from 0 to 100kmh in 2.8 seconds. That's 6.66 percent faster than the new Ferrari 488's 3 seconds, another mid-engined speedster for those interested in taking their cars to the track as often as the open road.

The exterior has also undergone changes that have significantly improved the Superveloce's aerodynamics and downforce relative to the "standard" Aventador. Both the front and the rear of the car have been redesigned, and that new rear wing plays a big part in making the latest improvements possible.

The net result of all these tweaks and alterations is a car that looks unapologetically masculine, almost belligerent. It's a Lambo with an extra shot of testosterone. Whereas Ferrari sought to balance beauty with brawn in the new 488, the Aventador Superveloce is laser-focused on achieving maximum power at a minimum weight. It's an uncompromising car, but it still looks stunning, even if its stated goal is function first, and form second.

Lamborghini will start selling the Aventador Superveloce later this spring for the extremely precise price of €327,190 (just over $360,000) before taxes. An infotainment system, if you really must have one, will be available as a free option.

Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce at Geneva Motor Show 2015