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This website lets you customize the Apple Watch of your dreams

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Curious about what sort of Apple Watch you'd like best? Worry not — has got you covered. (That is, if you have the money and/or inclination to buy one.) This third-party website lets you play around with the different components Apple is releasing for its first smartwatch, mixing and matching colors and materials to see what looks best together. However, it doesn't include any estimate of price — something that will be pretty important if you like the look of the gold option. We're not sure what our favorite is so far, but the steel Milanese strap with a plain aluminum case is a pretty solid choice.

it'll be less fun once we know the prices

All in all, Apple is offering quite a bit of variety with the Apple Watch. There are three main case types — steel, aluminum, and gold — with each available in subtley different tints. There's also a number of bands, including a plastic sports one (well, it's fluoroelastomer if you want to be picky), several leather variations, and a few steel options. All of these components are theoretically interchangeable, though there have been some reports that Apple will only be selling certain straps with certain cases

We're expecting to see and hear lot more about the Apple Watch at the company's spring event on Monday March 9th. But until then, have fun trying to make the ugliest watch you can. Hint: it's anything you pair with the lime green plastic strap.

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