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Samsung's Galaxy S6 will probably start at $699 off contract

Samsung's Galaxy S6 will probably start at $699 off contract

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Samsung hasn't officially shared full pricing details on the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge, but T-Mobile is giving us a pretty good indication of what you'll pay out of pocket for the former. The Uncarrier is holding a Galaxy S6 giveaway for customers who pre-register for more details on Samsung's new flagship. Four lucky people will get a Galaxy S6 at no cost, but in setting up its contest, T-Mobile has also revealed the phone's unsubsidized price. The S6 is listed as having a prize value of $699.99, and it's likely that T-Mobile is giving away the 32GB model.

Update: Read the Galaxy S6 review.

A wiser buy than any 16GB smartphone

So if you're going on price alone, yes, it'll be possible to get an iPhone 6 for less than what you'd pay for a Galaxy S6. But outside of education and maybe the enterprise, we'd never recommend Apple's 16GB base-model devices; that's just not enough room for your stuff in 2015 — even if the bulk of your media is stored in iCloud, Dropbox, Spotify, Netflix, and so on. Samsung's had the good sense to go with 32GB for its entry-level Galaxy S6, which could also be meant to appease customers upset about losing microSD card support. Remember also that the S6 features a larger, higher-res screen.

Since there's no such thing as a 32GB iPhone 6, the unsubsidized Galaxy S6 slots in right between the 16GB ($649) and 64GB ($749) iPhones. That's assuming this price is accurate. (There's a good chance it is, since a mistake wouldn't thrill the IRS.) Then again, we're still in a world where Verizon and AT&T customers care most about on-contract pricing, and there, you can probably expect the GS6 to land somewhere around $199 — with the Galaxy S6 Edge and its curved display demanding a higher premium.