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Gmail for iOS now lets you archive and reply to email from notifications

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Google's just released version 4.0 of Gmail for iOS, and the update includes a few significant additions made possible by iOS 8. First, you can now archive or reply from incoming email right from the notification prompt at the top of your screen. You can take the same actions whenever Gmail notifications are displayed on your lock screen by swiping. That's a feature other email clients quickly adopted after Apple rolled out the last big iOS release, so it's good to see Gmail taking advantage.

Similarly, Gmail will now appear in the iOS system share sheet, so you can easily email photos and documents while inside other apps by tapping the share icon. And last, Google says it's added a new attachment viewer, which lets you "open attachments from Gmail into any app." That's about it for the big changes, though they're some much needed ones that iOS users have been patiently waiting for. The latest Gmail update is available now in the App Store.