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Who's going to miss Mad Men the most?

Who's going to miss Mad Men the most?


AMC starts the funeral dirge for its flagship original series

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Mad Men's final episodes begin airing on April 5th, and AMC has already begun playing its funeral dirge. The network has enlisted a cast of celebrities, influencers, and cultural arbiters to express their grief over the passing of the second golden age of television's Last Show Standing. I offer this context because without it, you'd be forgiven for thinking that someone had died or the FCC had decided to cancel television altogether.

Most in love: David O. Russell

I am sure there is one thing about Mad Men that David O. Russell did not say that he loved, but I'm coming up empty-handed. Credits typeface, maybe? Also: would not have predicted he was a Peggy stan! Saw him as more of a Joan or Betty.

Most extreme: Keith Olbermann

"Mad Men is going to shut off part of my memories about my childhood."

Only if you let it, Keith! Only if you let it.

Most simultaneously vague and hyperbolic: Gary Oldman

"It's the ideas, the themes, the commitment to all things excellent."

Not much to argue with there!

Most distracted: Colin Hanks

Dang, Colin Hanks is really taking the loss of that vintage issue of TV Guide hard.

Of course, the most bereaved party of all is AMC itself — Mad Men was their flagship show as a serious original television concern, after all. Sure, it still has ratings-monster The Walking Dead keeping it relevant, but the loss of Mad Men is truly the end of an era for them — an era that arguably only really consisted of that show and Breaking Bad. (Rubicon-heads, I expect and look forward to your loud protestations in the comments.)

Still, between all the testimonials and the drawn-out splitting of the season (the same trick they pulled with Breaking Bad), this is turning into a very long goodbye. I'm not sure there will be any feelings left in the television industry by the time the finale airs, especially considering that when Mad Men ends, it will take with it not only the memories of our most meaningful life experiences, but also any hope of ever having an emotional response to any stimuli ever again, fictional or otherwise. Gonna miss it. :(