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This latest Furious 7 clip is somehow even crazier than the rest

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At this point the Fast & Furious series is just daring you to throw your hands up in disbelief. After a set of increasingly ludicrous trailers, the latest clip from the upcoming movie, Furious 7, shows Vin Diesel and his crew of incomprehensibly badass street racers lining up to throw a series of expensive vehicles out a cargo plane. With them inside. To understand the complex motivations behind the movie, check out Fast & Furious uber-fan Chris Ziegler's dialog breakdown. To watch some cars flying, watch the new trailer.

You can picture the producers of this seventh movie stuck in an endless arms race of outlandish pitches. Can we have skydiving cars? Sure. Can we give Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson a minigun? Yes we can. Can we make a sportscar jump from one Dubai skyscraper to another so it appears in the middle of a swanky party? Why not? We are, after all, the people who made cars fight a plane on an 18-mile runway. No-one can stop us now. We are gods.