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Theaters offer 29-hour Marvel movie marathons ahead of Avengers: Age of Ultron

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Do you like Marvel movies? Have you evolved beyond the need for sleep? Then you'll be be interested in the Ultimate Marvel Marathons being held at AMC and Regal movie theaters in late April. The 29-hour sessions start at 6 PM on April 29th, and run through the 11 Marvel movies released since 2008's Iron Man in order. People who manage to stick around for the whole thing will be among the first to see Avengers: Age of Ultron — the hotly anticipated sequel is getting special early showings at the end of the marathon.


In addition to a sleep debt and whatever exciting dietary distress is caused by eating only hot dogs and popcorn for almost 30 hours, survivors of the Marvel marathon will receive a commemorative medal. It has the Avengers logo on it, so you can show your family that by staying in a darkened room for a full day and night, you too are a superhero. For the chance to watch too many movies in a row, you can expect to pay around $65.