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A video game about a cute pug that sniffs another cute pug's butt

A video game about a cute pug that sniffs another cute pug's butt


Video games are fart

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For the past six years, my wife and I have restrained ourselves from adopting a dog. It hasn't been easy. For a dog lover, New York City's streets are a constant reminder that everyone else is receiving kisses from affectionate, warm, oh-so-cute-I-just-want-to-bite-their-little-noses-off dogs. When I pass a pup — any pup! — it takes everything in my being not to scoop that woofer into my pocket and run. So naturally I have fallen in love with Butt Sniffin' Pugs, one of many charming games at ALT.CTRL.GDC, a showcase at the Game Developers Conference that focuses on unusual control schemes.

Space Beagles' Gabe Telepak explained the game's set-up on the show floor: each player controls their own pug with an oversized tennis ball that serves as a mouse. Two green buttons control two unique dog actions, like bark or bite. Additional actions, like poo and pee, can be switched-in by sniffing another dog's butt, itself triggered by bopping the rear end of a toy puppy.

The game doesn't feature levels or predetermined goals. Butt Sniffin' Pugs is just a chance to have some fun with cute pups. I wish I could bring it home for my wife.